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Wait. So are you like, constantly breathing in the toxic fumes? How is that affecting your brain?

I haven’t been doing too much nail art, luckily for me. Unfortunately, I’m poor as a result of my hiatus. SO IF YOU GO TO QUEEN’S LET ME PAINT YOUR NAILS

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How many hands do you have???


No, I’m actually quite privileged to have two fully functioning hands. Thanks for your inquiry.



I have ten (10) bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire (see my swatches here) to give out as prizes for this one! Each winner will receive one 4.5ml bottle of the polish.


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  • This giveaway is open internationally. If you’re underage in the country where you live, please ensure you have permission to enter from your parents or guardians. The prize will be shipped from the UK on or before the 25th of September.

Thank you and good luck!


Does Nail Art Prove That Anything Can Be A Canvas for Artistic Expression?

Nail Art is all over the internetz, and suddenly it is a THING. The crazier the nail art, the more we marvel at the technique and time that went into it. But is there an artistic message behind these little cuticle canvases? Nail Art may seem superficial and trivial, but its fleeting nature allows it to be a purely free expression, and it’s pretty to boot. Nail art makes us wonder if anything, given enough creativity, can be a canvas for artistic expression. 

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This episode features amazing Nail Art work from:
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Revolution Void

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This is great!


We got an influx of nude submissions all at the same time, so I’m posting them as a ‘trend’ for the moment. What do you all think? Like this trend. I’m definitely a fan!

The first is from Hoity-toity-hobo wearing OPI ‘steady as she rose’, eating a burger from The Works in Guelph, ON and receives a 10/10. In her own words. “If you have a chance to visit this awesome restaurant, don’t let it pass you by! You can get any burger imaginable - ones with peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, or all the classic toppings - and their milkshakes are to die for (served in Pyrex measuring glasses)”

Next up is EMSKD wearing Nails Inc ‘basil street’, eating a burger from The Diner in Shoreditch.

Thirdly is Kathrine wearing Essie ‘sand tropez’ eating a big mac on the night bus! In her own words ‘shame’. (The snob in me would tend to agree, however, I would almost definitely do the same if I was on a night bus)

Will let you know if we receive any more “trend style” submissions. Enjoy this multi-post!

Here’s one of my all time favourite nail blogs - the nailburgerlar! I love nail art and I love food, so it’s a match made in heaven! The top pic is mine (submitted under my personal blog). Check it out and submit your own! 

On a side note: go to The Works! It’s so delicious. They’re in Guelph, Oakville, Kingston, Ottawa, London and Toronto, ON!

Seeing my own nail art on my dash…

unreal feeling. :)

My last trip to Sally’s for the school year… huge success!

Discounts galore! I raided the China Glaze shelves and got 6 bottles of that, plus a bottle of Seche Vite, all for $25! Woo!

I got a discount for using my Sally Club card, 15% for spending over $35 last month, $5 off, plus they had a huge buy 2 get 1 free sale. Great deals!

I’m ready for Spring/Summer now, having picked up a bunch of neons and pastels. Here’s what I got:

  • Flip Flop Fantasy: A neon coral pink. I’ve been lemming for this forever!
  • Peachy Keen: muted light orange, perfect for spring and my cheaper option opposed to Chanel’s June.
  • Celtic Sun: highlighter neon yellow. So pumped to put this on my toes this summer!
  • Kinetic Candy: pastel grey-blue. This was the last bottle they had in the Electropop collection - it was meant to be!
  • White on White: no point buying lovely neons without owning a decent white to put underneath. For ultimate brightness!
  • Fairy Dust: Silver scattered holo top coat. I’ve been fiending for a holo polish for as long as I can remember. I can put this over everything, which is awesome!

Yay! Unfortunately I won’t be able to take decent pictures of swatches for another two weeks or so. I’m almost done my first year in residence and I’m out of camera batteries and too cheap to buy more!